Disclaimer: If you are under medical supervision, please consult your physician before attending hypnotherapy sessions. With pain management we may need a medical referral.


Please note that the opinions and statements made in these testimonials are that of actual clients. Understand that each clients situation and/or condition is unique and results may vary.

This is what some of my clients are saying…

“Guillermo Leon is one of the most caring and genuine individuals I have ever met. The time we spent together put me on track towards a better and more rewarding life. Through many of his techniques he helped me realize what my innermost goals and desires were, and how to accomplish them step by step.  Sometimes we need a little help from a true professional. I will forever be indebted to him.”
Johan V.
“In my sessions with Guillermo Leon, I received more that what I needed in relations to my issues. He will transform your problems into magical solutions. I highly recommend Guillermo to anyone looking for true transformation.”
“Clinical Hypnosis has been a wonderful tool to help me work through issues that I have struggled with throughout my entire adult life. By working with the knowledgeable and caring clinical hypnotist Guillermo Leon, I have been able to achieve successful results with anxiety and weight management that I was not able to achieve through traditional cognitive therapy. Sessions are conducted in a relaxing and safe environment, leaving me feeling refreshed and with a sense of deeper understanding of my own self after each session. I experienced more results after just one session of hypnotherapy than several months worth of cognitive therapy sessions.”
Sarah M.
“I came to Gill hoping to find a way to finally lose weight and get healthy. I am now 55 pounds lighter and I am exercising every day, but that is just the start. With Gill’s help, I have a much better opinion of myself, am much less negative, and am identifying and working toward fulfilling goals that will let me live the life that I deserve. My friends comment more often about my improved attitude about myself and life in general than they do about my weight loss. My response is always, “Gill is awesome!””
Pamela F.
“I first went to see Mr. Gil Leon at Nautilus Life on the recommendation of a friend who swore by his methods. I was recovering from quadruple by-pass open heart surgery caused by two heart attacks, both in the same day; subsequently resulting in post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). I had been trying with a traditional therapist to determine what was causing the PTSD, why I couldn’t control it and to find a solution. After 3, maybe 4 sessions with my conventional therapist, without any progress whatsoever and desperate for a remedy, I decided to try Nautilus Life. One session, that’s all it took.  Mr. Leon was insightful with a keen listening ear. He helped me determine the root of my troubles and with just one practice module, my PTSD, the anxiety, the fears, the phobias… disappeared. I am extremely grateful to Mr. Leon and Nautilus Life. He helped me when I was most vulnerable and in the worst, desperate situation in my entire life. I will continue to visit Nautilus Life in hopes of conquering and bettering myself as a person in all aspects. I’ve recommended Mr. Leon’s services to several of my friends. I hope that whoever you are and whatever help you may be in need of, that you give Mr. Leon an opportunity to help you get it right. ”
J. Diaz
“I was looking to lose 55 pounds. Nothing before had worked for me. In the course of 6 months, I have lost 45 pounds and beyond that. I am now in the course of establishing a successful life with my new bride. Guillermo, gave me more than what I expected. Not only I lost the weight, but found the way and my purpose in life. I am forever in debt to you Guillermo.”
Jorge T.