Product Description

This is the initial session with Guillermo Leon. It is an introduction to Hypnotherapy and what services Guillermo can provide and can take up to 2 hours. He will also talk with you on what brings you to him. This is where Guillermo can get a determination if he can help you with your problem and basically how many session may be need to meet the goal you would like to reach. You are more that welcome to ask questions on anything you like so you will be more informed on how Guillermo operates.

Please check the calendar for available session times. You can also contact us thru our online form here or call 954-839-4604 or just click the Talk with Guillermo button to make an appointment or discuss what is the best time for your session. Once you have purchased your session with Guillermo, please check to see if you have been added to the calendar. We only use first names and last initial on our calendar for your privacy.