Product Description

60 minutes can go awfully fast for some. That is why sometimes you just need a longer session to get the job done. 90 Minutes allows us the freedom to discover deeper levels of trance as well as go into Hypnotherapy where we can work on core issues. In 90-minute session will include a consultation, goal setting, and actual hypnosis session.

Put hypnosis to work on your list of personal and health goals. Medically accepted by some of the nation’s most prestigious universities and hospitals, hypnosis can do everything from releasing anxieties and fears, to achieving smoking cessation. Guillermo Leon, is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, and a Life Coach, NLP Practitioner, and Timeslips Facilitator with more than 4000 hours of working experience. He offers coaching in diet, exercise and relaxation in each of her sessions. Each client leaves with effective tools to apply in their daily lives to enhance their hypnosis results and make faster progress. Other common goals for hypnosis are weight loss, improved sports and academic performance, pain relief, surgery enhancement, improved experiences at the dentist, and children’s concerns.