Pain Management for Rejuvenating Life Energy

Did you ever think that the way you paid attention to certain things could have been the reason for pain? Is your attention on certain things causing you trouble? Let’s look at it in an elaborate manner.

There’s chronic or temporary pain and for some people, medications are the only solution left! But in many ways, […]

Hypnosis for Pain Management: Solution to a Wide Variety of Problems

Not all pain is chronic. Many a time, your situation or state of mind can be the reason for pain. Indeed pain is physically felt. It all starts as an acute pain and with long time it transforms in to a physical distress. If you have searched for solutions online, there are hardly any direct […]

How to find the best Hypnotherapists for Pain Management?

Pain can develop from a variety of factors. It can come if you are physically or psychology hurt. Pain is physical and causes distress to the body. Have you tried a lot of medication and still your pain persists? Are you finding it difficult to analyze your source of pain? This is the moment where you must seek advice from an established advisor for effective pain management. But before that you must know how to find the right advisor. So this article will help you with that.


Hypnotherapist Guillermo Leon

Meet Hypnotherapist Guillermo Leon

This video is an introduction to Hypnotherapist Guillermo Leon who is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, and a Certified Life Coach in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Guillermo became interested in the field of hypnotherapy due to his own need for answers and understanding. He has worked in the field for […]

5 Health Issues You Can Overcome With Hypnotherapy

Some people struggle for years with health issues with no resolution. Here are the 5 health issues you can overcome with hypnotherapy.

You primary care physician may tell you to try relaxation techniques, increase physical activity, or give you a prescription to help with your symptoms. However, some individuals prefer to find a solution rather than […]

Relieving Stress, Pain and Tension with Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is known to deeply relax the person deviating the focus of attention into what the person really wants and not what they do that is detrimental to their lives. Interestingly enough is the lack of attention to reality that brings the fear and the tension. This Therapy brings helps the person understand that it […]