About Guillermo Leon

My name is Guillermo Leon. I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist, an NLP Practitioner, and a Certified Life Coach. I became interested on this field based upon my own need for answers and understandings, through my own efforts and convictions. After working during many years, (I have more than 4000 hours of experience in sessions), I now understand that in sharing my knowledge with others, I continuously help myself. This is my passion and my dedication.

Pain Management for Rejuvenating Life Energy

Did you ever think that the way you paid attention to certain things could have been the reason for pain? Is your attention on certain things causing you trouble? Let’s look at it in an elaborate manner.

There’s chronic or temporary pain and for some people, medications are the only solution left! But in many ways, […]

Hypnosis for Pain Management: Solution to a Wide Variety of Problems

Not all pain is chronic. Many a time, your situation or state of mind can be the reason for pain. Indeed pain is physically felt. It all starts as an acute pain and with long time it transforms in to a physical distress. If you have searched for solutions online, there are hardly any direct […]

How to find the best Hypnotherapists for Pain Management?

Pain can develop from a variety of factors. It can come if you are physically or psychology hurt. Pain is physical and causes distress to the body. Have you tried a lot of medication and still your pain persists? Are you finding it difficult to analyze your source of pain? This is the moment where you must seek advice from an established advisor for effective pain management. But before that you must know how to find the right advisor. So this article will help you with that.


4 Things to Know on Hypnotherapy for Pain Management

You know what is good for you and what is bad, right? Then what keeps you from breaking that habit which you know is harmful for you?

Some way or the other we all have faced such problems in life. And the reason for this difficulty is nothing but a battle between the conscious and the subconscious mind. No matter how motivated you are at the conscious level, but the secret lies with motivating the subconscious mind.

Before opting hypnotherapy for Pain Management there are some important things that you must know. Today this article will help you to understand hypnotherapy and its purposes in a broad manner.


Does Self-Hypnosis Work?

“I am getting sleepy”

Doesn’t it sound perfect to be able to perform self-hypnosis and then all of your troubles would disappear? Many websites selling self-hypnosis CD box sets and online e-courses would like to have you believe all of this is possible. For some, it is possible. But for others, it just doesn’t work. How […]

5 Health Issues You Can Overcome With Hypnotherapy

Some people struggle for years with health issues with no resolution. Here are the 5 health issues you can overcome with hypnotherapy.

You primary care physician may tell you to try relaxation techniques, increase physical activity, or give you a prescription to help with your symptoms. However, some individuals prefer to find a solution rather than […]

International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association

International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Association


The International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association is a Referral Service dedicated to providing the community with excellently trained Certified Hypnotherapists. IMDHA Practitioners work harmoniously with allied healthcare professionals to aid individuals in dealing with specific challenges and procedures.

Our objective is to help create a sense […]

International Association of Counselors and Therapists

International Association of Counselors and Therapists


Guillermo Leon and Alternative Realization is a member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists. This association is for holistic practitioners where there is an exchange of information, ideas, methodologies, and techniques.

The IACT is a multi-disciplined association that specializes in holistic techniques and […]

Can Hypnotherapy Treatment for Depression Heal Your Deepest Unresolved Issues

Can Hypnotherapy Treatment for Depression Heal Your Deepest Unresolved Issues

Most people know someone who is taking an antidepressant medication, but can hypnotherapy treatment for depression heal your deepest unresolved issues? In addition, nearly 80 percent of all antidepressants are prescribed by non-psychiatrist providers. Many medications can provide relief from your main […]

Overcome Grief and Loss

How to overcome grief and loss of a loved one using hypnosis

As we advance in age, it becomes more common to have experienced the loss of a friend or loved one. You try to overcome the grief and loss by yourself, but it does not work. It is natural and normal to go through some […]